How your school can benefit from the Immersion Help program

There are two ways that your school can benefit:

1) School memberships:

Aside from the individual memberships, the Immersion Help program is also available for schools. We offer licences for inschool only and school +parents. Some teachers use the program as a 'center' in their classrooms or in the computer lab while others use it in class and encourage parents to login at home with their children.

2) Helplan

HelPlan is our rewards program where schools can apply for a 15% off coupon code for their parents and students. For every parent who signs up using the coupon code, we send the school a gift certificate to help them purchase books or supplies for their classes or library. This plan allows the school to provide a discount to your students while getting a little help acquiring new resources.

Girls with book

HelPlan FAQ

  • Is there a cost to the program?

    Nope, it would defeat the purpose.

  • What kind of "rewards " are we talking about?

    To keep it low-cost, simple and relevant, we offer a $10 Indigo gift certificate for each student who signs up. The certificate is emailed and can be used online or in-store.

  • Are there other options possible as rewards?

    At this point, this is all we're working with but sure, tell us what you have in mind!

  • How quickly do we get the gift certificate?

    We order the certificates about once a month so it could take 4-5 weeks before you receive the certificate.
    Please note that the gift certificate will be awarded once the member has passed the 30-day money-back guarantee period. No gift certificate will be sent when a member cancels their membership within 30 days and receives a full refund.

  • Why are you offering this program?

    It's not easy for a small business with clients across Canada to give back where its customers live. This program makes it possible and it provides value directly to the school.

  • How do I get a coupon code then?

    You can access the request form here.

  • Can you tell us who signed up?

    We take privacy seriously so we will not disclose the names of parents who signed up. You can however encourage your parents to tell you if they have.

  • Question not answered here?

    Email us at