Quick Tips


  1. Simply listen to the stories by clicking on the headphones. This will help with oral comprehension.
  2. If your child can read, ask him/her to read the whole sentence and check with the audio afterwards.
  3. Choose specific words for your child to read in the text and check the pronunciation of every highlighted word by clicking on it and then clicking on "listen".
  4. Choose a highlighted word, listen to it and ask your child to find it in the sentence.
  5. Follow the story up with the corresponding matching game right away to reinforce the vocabulary addressed in the story.

Matching Games:

  1. Have your child click on each word to listen to it and find the corresponding image on the opposite side. This will reinforce the vocabulary addressed in the story.
  2. Ask your child to try and read the words and click on them to check the audio. They can then find the image on the opposite side to ensure they understand what it means.
  3. Click on a word without showing your child and ask him/her to find which word it is. This is easier when the first sound is simple and there is only one such sound in the list. For example, click on "train" in the "Lea et sa mouffette" game. Ask your child to identify the word "train" which starts with the recognizable t sound.
  4. Ask your child what the images represent and then ask her to try and find the word in the list.

My Words:

    The "My Words" function allows the student to create a current list of words to study and once they are known, they can be kept in an archive. For a tutorial, click here.