Program Details

So what’s inside?



  • French audio
  • French and English text
  • Professional illustrations
  • Themes such as colours, animals, food and seasons
  • Vocabulary commonly addressed at the K-1 level
  • Links to hear pronunciation and see definition of individual words
See a sample story here
How does it help?

The idea behind the stories is for you and your child to go on the website at least once a week and find the story that matches what was learned that week at school. Listening to the stories will help consolidate and review essential vocabulary in a fun way and easy way. And just for you, we included the English subtitles.


  • Your child learns new words, has fun and reviews the vocabulary from the stories
  • Your child listens to (or reads) a word and matches it to an image
  • Most stories have a corresponding matching game

How does it help?

The games provide another way of exposing your child to spoken and written French. This tool stimulates your child’s visual, auditory and kinesthetic senses to help him/her learn the necessary vocabulary.

6,000-word dictionary

  • Instantly hear 6,000 French words
  • Quickly translate words to English
  • See images of words (when applicable)

How does it help?

Pronunciation is at the same time a major component of learning a language and a major concern for non French-speaking parents. The dictionary gives you instant access to the correct pronunciation of a word, allowing your child to hear and learn the word without delay.

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