About Us

About the program and the people behind the program

Immersion Help was founded by two parents who live in a bilingual world where English and French co-exist inside and outside the house. I moved to Canada from France in my mid 20s, met and married Kim who was studying to become a French teacher. While it is perfectly natural for us to raise our two girls using two languages, we realize that not every parent can do the same.

Living in a predominantly anglophone part of Canada, the Immersion Help program allows me to share my language and culture while making it easier for parents of young French learners to assist their children. Through our facebook page, blog and the membership-based program, we aim to promote parent participation in their child’s learning experience as well as to bring some French culture into the home. While the Immersion Help program focuses on academics (learning the language through stories and games), we use the blog and facebook to share tips, cultural information and personal stories.

Our goal is not to replace school-based learning but to support and enrich it. We work with parents but also with schools who want a simple-to-use program for the classroom or computer lab. Beyond just French studies, we are always looking for ways to give back to school communities where we are present.

Our university education (French and English Majors) and our first-hand experience with French Immersion, as parents and teacher, all contribute to the continual enrichment of the program.

Through our use of various platforms, we truly hope that we can add a little extra to your and your child’s experience in Early French Immersion or other similar programs.

I would be very happy to be part of your French Immersion experience.

Nico Verrier